About Us

  1. About Us

Vagans Legal Services is a licensed paralegal firm offering tailored legal services to individuals and businesses in the province of Ontario.

The strong hold in the subject matter coupled with our focused approach & professionalism, we are able to extend our services in a variety of legal areas such as Highway Traffic Act, Landlord/Tenant, Small Claims Court, Debt Recovery, Negotiation & Settlement. We also provide appearance services for Tribunals Hearing & MTO Show Cause Hearings.

Time is the essence to turning things in your favour. The moment the client reaches us with the issue, they get an assurance of working with the experts. Our paralegal team start analysing the minutest of the details to represent case information in an efficient and organized manner. Often it is not even required for the client to appear in the court.

Unlike most firms with standard hours of operation, we make ourselves available to our clients at anytime of the day and are able to keep our fees extremely reasonable by eliminating the need for unnecessary expenditures.

Stay attuned to the current status of the case as we provide an easy to use interface to enable our clients check their case updates online. Moreover, a notification is also sent to inform client of the disposition of their case every time we work on it.

At Vagans Legal Services, we believe in the importance and value of our work and strive to ensure that we grow long-term relationships with each and every client we associate with. Every request is reviewed thoroughly to ensure clients receive the best possible outcome through our services.