CVOR News & information

CVOR News & information

The Ministry of Transportation, with a view to ensure safety on roads keeps updating the Highway Traffic Act. The latest being the officers given the authority to write traffic tickets and lay charges for moving violations against commercial vehicle drivers as from January, 2014. As a result of this change, the officers can write traffic tickets for even minor faults like wrong turn, jumping the red light, over-speeding and careless driving. This means the charges which focused on CVOR issues such as mechanical safety, log book maintenance, load balancing etc. got stricter on company and the drivers.

With 5 CVOR points being assigned to most moving violations, it has become even more challenging to maintain low profile of your CVOR record. On one hand, with too many traffic tickets the drivers can risk their employment and insurance. On the other hand, higher CVOR points mean higher insurance premiums and inviting scrutiny/audit of their company by the Ministry.

The safety & compliance consultants at Vangans Inc. are also licensed paralegal who can help you both with how to avoid and deal with the CVOR issues and audits. Our experts continuously strive to update themselves with the latest in the transportation industry so that you can carry out your business uninterruptedly.

No matter how big or small you are, if you are a private or public entity, our easy to understand work policies have made us a popular choice among all.

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CVOR News & information


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