CVOR trainings

CVOR trainings

In a bid to keep roads safe and regulate the operations of commercial motor vehicles on highways, Ministry of Transportation requires all carriers/operators to ensure their drivers are well versed with CVOR system. This relates to:

  • Operating a commercial motor vehicle
  • Hours of operation & service
  • Maintenance of log books and it’s submission to the carrier
  • Load limitations
  • Daily vehicle inspection reports with proper demarcation as major or minor

The CVOR training is important for operators and drivers so that they both know what is expected to ensure safety and compliance under the Highway Traffic Act.

At Vagans Inc., our qualified professionals and case experts can help you understand the finer nuances of the CVOR system so that your company’s violation rate and safety record remains at the lower end. We can also help you with mock audits to ensure that your staff knows how to tackle the questions should there be a CVOR audit.

Going by the old school theory of ‘Precaution is better than cure’, our trainings assure that your traffic tickets and insurance premiums are always low.

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CVOR trainings

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