CVOR/Facility Audit Services

Facility Audit is one of the many ways by which MTO ensures that commercial vehicle operator’s comply with requirements for record keeping, exercise a control on driver and adhere to vehicle maintenance checks for better public road safety.

Your commercial vehicle may be subject to facility audit due to any of the following reasons:

  • When the operator’s overall violation rate exceeds the safety threshold of 50%, the ministry may require a facility audit after a review of the CVOR record.
  • If an operator failed in the previous audit and has not passed within the past 5 years, a re-audit may be required.
  • Sometimes an operator may himself request an audit to improve their Carrier Safety Rating (CSR).
  • On receipt of any complaint from a provincial jurisdiction, or the public about the unsafe performance of an operator’s driver, vehicle or both.

A ‘risk-based’ approach is followed by the Ministry while evaluating the various elements which are deemed to cause commercial vehicle collision.

The 3 important factors that are considered during audits are:

  • Hours of Service
  • Vehicle Maintenance
  • Qualification Records and Reporting

The result of the audit is usually expressed as:

  • Excellent – if the overall score is greater than 80% and no individual factor accounts for less than 70%
  • Pass – if the overall score is 55% and no individual factor accounts for less than 50%
  • Fail – if the overall score is below 55% and the individual factors also account for not more than 50%

In the event where the carrier fails the audit, a ‘Conditional ’ safety rating is issued which remains attested to the vehicle for at least 6 months. Some charges and CVOR points may also be levied by the officer-in-charge which can increase the overall violation rate and insurance premiums.

In order to counter the charges and CVOR points and regain your ‘Satisfactory’ safety rating, you may seek the help of an experienced professional who can legal represent your company and assist in dealing with the inspector.

The amalgamation of experience and expertise of professionals at Vagans Inc., who are not only proficient in safety and compliance audits but are also licensed paralegals, can help you gain an edge while fighting for your rights.

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Facility Audit

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