Safety Inspections for Commercial Motor Vehicles

The periodic motor vehicle inspections under the National Safety Code Standard are carried out by MTO officers to ensure the on-road safety. A rigorous process is followed during the safety inspection to make sure that the driver and commercial motor vehicle meet necessary state and federal regulations. In an event where the vehicles or drivers fail to meet these regulations, the Ministry may place them out-of-service and may not revoke the ban until they comply with the regulations.

During the inspection process, the inspector collects the necessary driver’s documentation and operating permits, reviews the driver’s logbook for any false entries, verifies the insurance and license via a federal database and thoroughly checks the vehicle for any damage and presence of hazardous material and.

After the review, an inspection report is prepared. If no significant violations are discovered, the inspector gives a clean chit and issues a decal from the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CSVA) for the vehicle. This excludes the vehicle from further inspections for up to 3 months. However, if the vehicle or driver is found to violate the regulations, an out-of-service order is issued.

For every non-compliance with the CSVA standards, a CVOR point is assigned to the carrier’s records. These points cannot be congested even if it is unveiled later that the inspecting officer was mistaken. That means the points still reflect on the carriers record.

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Safety Inspections for Commercial Motor Vehicles

Safety Inspections for Commercial Motor Vehicles

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