Traffic Tickets for Commercial Motor Vehicles, Drivers and Carriers

Commercial Vehicle Operator’s Registration (CVOR) and Carrier Safety Rating (CSR) are the two important programs formulated by Ministry of Transportation to promote safety and regulate the operation of heavy vehicles like trucks and buses on Ontario’s roadways.

Under these programs, the owners and operators of the commercial vehicles are required to comply with the following rules:

  • The commercial vehicle should be in the right mechanical condition at the time of operation.
  • The insurance and other legal documents should be in place and current.
  • No breach of traffic rules and signals.
  • Adherence to Hours of Service Regulations which lays down driver’s driving time, on-duty time and off-duty time.

Non-compliance of any of the above rules can result in interventions and sanctions from Ministry staff. This may cause vehicle impoundment, fleet limitation, plate seizure or cancellation of a carrier’s operating privileges. The afflictions are not only on carrier but driver too. The driver’s license may be cancelled and he may lose his employability.

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Traffic Tickets for Commercial Motor Vehicles

Traffic Tickets for Commercial Motor Vehicles, Drivers and Carriers
Traffic Tickets for Commercial Motor Vehicles, Drivers and Carriers

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