Vagans legal services is Ontario’s licensed paralegal firm committed to providing cost-effective, streamlined and hassle-free paralegal services to businesses & individuals.

Our 4-step procedure ensures simplicity, reliability, and unparalleled results.

The Request

Place your request with us. Our paralegals are available to take your case at any time of the day and assist you with your queries.

Detailed Analysis

A thorough assessment of your request is carried out to cover all aspects of the case.

Legal Representation

A paralegal is designated who represents you in your legal proceedings.


A detailed report of the status of the case is sent to you and updated online every time we work on it to keep you informed of the disposition of the case.

Mountain View

What Can We Do For You?

At Vagans Legal Service, we understand what the clients expect when they approach us. From representing them in the court to getting them the justice they seek, from reviewing contracts to streamlining their business by helping them with business incorporation and plan review, there are a host of services that the clients can and have benefitted from.

With our dynamic team and extensive domain knowledge in the legal field, we are able to offer the following to our clients:

  1. The trust that their case is handled by the qualified professionals licensed by the Law Society of Upper Canada.
  2. We fit seamlessly into client’s schedule to allow minimal disruption to their daily activities and maximize their time spent outside the courtroom.
  3. Our attention to detail allows us reach every angle needed to provide the absolute best results at all times.
  4. 24x7 support of our team that is always ready and willing to provide you with assistance and support – while working in accordance with professional procedures and practices that assure outstanding results, quality and compliance.
  5. Our service is accessible at any time via an internet connection. The Online access of account allows client to track and manage their service request from one central program.
  6. The assurance of reasonable rates every time you choose us.

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  • “Overall I would say this has been a great chance to work with a great team and I look forward to a long lasting relationship”

    Anna Vandana
  • “A real great service! Good consistency level of communication and at the end a very good job! Was slightly late with the agreed date but made up for it with a great website. Highly recommended! 5 Stars”

    Venkata Bavirisetty
  • “Thanks for a job well done! I would recommend the services of this professional. We will be seeking further projects shortly with this Company”

    Jacqueline Wiley
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