Negotiation, Mediation and Settlement

Negotiation refers to discussions between the parties or their representatives to agree to a settlement or come to a reasonable resolution of the issues at hand. In the course of negotiation to settlement, it often happens that no one party is completely happy but both can live with the resolution.

However, in cases where the parties involved find it difficult to arrive at a settlement, they can choose to deploy the services of a qualified mediator who acts as a neutral third party.

Generally, most disputes can be resolved without being involved in courts, boards or tribunal processes. Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is a preferred mode of resolution owing to the following advantages:

  • Saves Time
  • Cost Effective
  • Expedites Process
  • Let’s either parties have their say in the potential desire outcome
  • Let’s parties reframe issues by focusing on common interests

When you choose us as your legal representative during the process of negotiation, mediation and settlement, we make sure your case is presented in a most efficient, professional & favourable manner. We not only advise you of the various available options but also work in tandem with the legal processes to attain the best possible settlement.

The paralegals at Vagans Law are all fully qualified and highly experienced professionals so you can be assured that your case will always be in the safe hands. Mr. Sriram Rangan is certified by the University of Windsor in Alternative Dispute Resolution conducted by Sitt Feld Handy Group. You can contact him directly with your queries to attain the best possible advice in the related subject matter.


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