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  • Small Claims Court

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    Small Claims Court

    The paralegals at Vagans Law have years of experience and can help you with Small Claims Court legal process from beginning to end. While acting on behalf of Plaintiffs or Defendants, their legal representatives can assist with issues related to:

      Claims for money owed under an agreement:
    • Unpaid accounts for goods or services sold and delivered
    • unpaid loans
    • unpaid rent
    • NSF cheques
    • Claims for damages:
    • property damage
    • clothes damaged by a dry cleaner
    • personal injuries
    • breach of contract
  • Landlord and Tenant

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    Landlord and Tenant problem resolution

    Paralegals at Vegans Law can advise and represent either tenants or landlords (lanlord tenant legal help) and guide them through the Applicant/Respondent process to a productive and successful final or interim decision. Our services include but are not limited to:

    • Assistance in Hearing
    • Eviction Prevention
    • Negotiation
    • Mediation
    • Tenancy Agreement
    • Notices
    • Application Filing
    • Arrears of Rent
  • Provincial Offenses

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    Provincial Offenses

    The provincial offenses are non-criminal laws enforced on a provincial level. In the event of breach of such laws, a ticket or summon is issued under a provincial made legislation or a municipal-by-law. Examples of provincial offenses include over-speeding or careless driving, being intoxicated at a public place or selling liquor without a valid license, trespassing a property, or not having current compulsory automobile insurance.

      Serious Implications
    • Appearance in court
    • Legal Advice
    • Speeding Tickets
    • Parking Violations
    • Requesting a Trial
    • Necessay Paperwork
    • Prosecution of Contraventions
    • Proper Representation in charges pertaining to:
    • Highway Traffic Act
    • Compulsory Automobile Insurance Act
    • Liquor License Act
    • Trespass to Property Act
    • City by-laws
  • Negotiation, Mediation and Settlement

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    Negotiation, Mediation and Settlement

    Negotiation refers to discussions between the parties or their representatives to agree to a settlement or come to a reasonable resolution of the issues at hand. In the course of negotiation to settlement, it often happens that no one party is completely happy but both can live with the resolution.

    • Saves Time
    • Cost Effective
    • Expedites Process
    • Let's either parties have their say in the potential desire outcome
    • Let's parties reframe issues by focusing on common interests
  • Agencies, Boards, Commissions and Tribunals Debt Recovery

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    Agencies, Boards, Commissions and Tribunals

    Since these administrative bodies are formulated by legislation, their decisions can have direct impact on your rights, privileges and interests such as entitlement to benefits or compensation or determine human rights violations. We, therefore, work along with you to offer legal representation of your case in the best possible manner and keep you informed of all the challenges and the possible outcome of your files.

      Some of the Agencies, Boards, Commissions and Tribunals where we offer representation include:
    • Conservation Review Board
    • Energy Board
    • Environmental Assessment and Appeal Boards
    • Financial Services Commission
    • Liquor Control Board of Ontario
    • Ontario Human Rights Commission
    • Municipal Board
    • Pay Equity Commission
    • Rental Housing Tribunal
    • Ontario Securities Commission
    • Workplace Safety and Insurance Board
    • Workplace Safety and Insurance Appeals Tribunal
  • Debt Recovery

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    Debt Recovery

    In scenarios where the debtor defaults in payments or creditor resorts to illegal debt collection tactics, seeking the help of an experienced paralegal can help you safeguard your interests.

    Debt Recovery

    If you have clients /customers that are well past due your terms and have still not paid you; you can unload your problem on us and let us save you the time, aggravation and lost man hours you lose chasing your non paying customers. If you have been a victim of illegal debt collection practices and the creditor creates unnecessary havoc in your life; don't feel abandoned.

    • Peace of mind that will let you concentrate on what you do best…growing your business.
    • A no risk solution and fast action towards your debt recovery.
    • A legal demand sent out to your debtor within 4 hours of your placing it with us.
  • Commisioner For Taking Affidavits

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    Commisioner For Taking Affidavits

    As of July 1, 2013, licensed paralegals are fully qualified and eligible for commissioning/attesting of legal documents. This means you no longer have to apply for commissioner appointment and pay any appointment fee. As the licensed paralegals from the Law Society of Upper Canada, we are authorized to perform the following on your behalf:​

    • Legal Oaths
    • Legal Affirmations
    • Legal Declarations
    • Affidavits
    • Commissioning of any of the documents such as:
    • Birth, adoption, marriage or divorce certificates.
    • Property ownership documents
    • School, college or university admission papers and transcripts
    • Business and commercial import-export documents
    • Contracts dealing with incorporation, partnerships, product standards and distribution, fiscal matters
    • Approval certificates for customs
    • Other government official documents
  • Process Serving and Filing

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    Process Serving and Filing

    Engaging the services of a professional and experienced process server can be an important step in a court case or legal procedure. It can not only save substantial amount of time and money but also reduce great deal of frustration and confrontations involved in delivering time sensitive legal documents correctly. From process serving to filing, we specialize in taking care of the case in its entirety to get the desired results. This often results in carrying out the following on the behalf of our clients:

    • Servicing a Process in the area of Ontariot
    • Court Filing
    • STitle Searching
    • Skip Tracing
    • Document Retrieval
    • Document Pick up
    • Stake-out/Surveillance on parties attempting to evade service
    • Photocopying/Mailing and Notarization of documents/affidavits
    • Documents served include but are not limited to:
    • Family court
    • Civil Court
    • Small Claims Court
    • Criminal Court and all forms of Summonses
    • Subpoenas